• WUUX Surfboards

  • for river waves

  • for the ocean

Made in Salzburg

Some times it important to change the perspective to create something new. WUUX has done that. We are a premium brand for handmade high performance wood surfboards and accessories made in Salzburg /Austria. Our claim in case of design, performance, haptic and durability make our surfboards very unique. Even when they all have tiny imperfections is each board a pure piece of desire.

Enjoy the beauty of imperfection & nature!



Rent a WUUX

You can rent a WUUX Surfboard for your holidays or just for a day. More informations you find here.


Unique and related. Some of our WUUX Surfboards have a “little” or a “big” sister.

Find out how a WUUX Surfboard can connect you with others.

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