Wilhelm Margreiter Shaper & Owner

WUUX made in Salzburg

Directly in a water channel called “Alm Kanal”, in the middle of Grödig, embedded in the beautiful mountain world of Salzburg, there is the historical company building which is led in the third generation by Wilhelm Margreiter as a joinery and sports equipment designer and producer. 
1400 km from the next ocean, not far from the historical Old Town of Salzburg, we have found unique conditions for our WUUX surfboards – made in Salzburg – to sell it around the world. 
The clear water of our rivers and the variety of nearby stationary waves and natural waves provide best conditions developing our WUUX Surfboards.

Our feeling for materials, sports devices and people, combined with our traditional handcraft and academic knowledge are the base for created unique products. 

All WUUX surfboards are hand shaped – from the construction of the core to the  final wood layer. Completely made in our  workshop in Grödig/Salzburg.
Our superior wood kinds, our clean design, unique construction method help us to achieve our target: 
Uniqueness and performance 

Customized Boards

We try to do our best making all client wishes came true but not everything is possible in our technic. Changing length, wide and thickness or even changing the shape is possible. If you have any questions  do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Eco-friendly and sustainability

As a surfboard manufactory the environment is very imported for us. We try to develop our boards in a way that they last longer and produce less waste. The rest material / waste – which is part of the game – will be single-variety recycled or is provided to other local companies to integrate in their production.

We know there is still improvement of our production process possible and so we work hard on this. It is a constant process  to protect our environment and make WUUX Surfboards more eco-friendly.


Our surfboards are hand made out of high quality material. Each of them is unique. They are produced in a way which is “beyond the technically feasible”. So it can happen because of the natural product wood in combination with our technic that the finial boards have little “imperfections”. This imperfections are part of every Wuux Surfboard and they do not disturb the performance of the board. Sometimes they give you an idea what is under the wood. These marks are part of the design and they make every board more unique – the are like the character of a board.

The overall impression, the natural wood finish and haptic of a Wuux Surfboard  makes it easy  to accept these marks or imperfections. The best of all is that the natural micro structure of the wood is pushing the performance of each board even more.