How to order a WUUX Surfboard?

  1. We support you choosing the right model for you.
  2. Make a deposit of at least €350,-
  3. We start building your core.
  4. When we finished the core we offer you the possibility to do a video call (WhatsApp, Facebook, Facetime,..) live and direct from our workshop, to choose the wood and the layout/design or you trust in our feeling and experience and we choose the layout and you just choose the wood kind.
  5. We finish your board and inform you when it is ready for shipping or picking up.
  6. You pay the rest when you pick up the board or the do the shipping.

Are the WUUX Cores CNC milled?

Yes. They are pre-shaped and are than customized to your needs by the shaper

Do WUUX Surfboards have a stringer?

No. Our boards are stringer less constructed.

Which fin system is possible?

FCS II or Futures or others on request.

Can little Dings be repaired?

Yes. It is like to repair a standard epoxy board. A detailed information you can get directly from us … or you use our WhatsApp live support.

Are WUUX Surfboards resistant and light?

Yes. There a individual reinforcements in the core. It is even very tricky to brake out a fin plug form the unglassed core.

Can i use WUUX Surfboards in ocean waves?

Yes. Our team develops constantly new models for all kinds of waves. Doesn´t matter if they are stationary riverwaves, pools waves or ocean waves. Just keep care of your Wuux Surfboard and clean it after surfing with freshwater, dry it and store it cool and dry. so not in the car or leave it unprotected from the sun on the beach.

Does my WUUX Surfboard need special care?

A bit more attention and care for your Wuux Surfboard is a good idea. Just be gentle and surf with respect. After surfing clean it with freshwater, dry it with a towel and store the board dry and let the wood breathe. Make sure that your board is not lying unprotected from the heat, the sun especially on the be beach or inside of a car. If it has scratches or dings let them dryout and repair it with Epoxy.

Does a Wuux Surfboard get yellow from the sun.

No. The wood can chance the color a pit but normally the woodgrain came out more intensive.

FAQ  didn´t help?

Just drop us a line.