All WUUX Surfboards are unique but some of them are more related to other WUUX Surfboards than others. They are sisters – they are made of the same log.

How does it work?

Every surfboard of us has a 100% unique wood grain which make them 100% distinctive. Nevertheless are some of them unmistakeable connected to others. They are made out of the same log – they are genetically related – they are sisters. This relationship is permanent and you see it sometimes immediately and sometimes it need a closer look.

We only can produce 2-5 Sisterboards with a similar wood grain (from the same veneer bundle). The same grain is never possiblity! Smaller wood pieces can be use more often in different boards – they put their genetic mark – but also they are not endless.

We are connecting you!

Our unique Sisterboards-concept is to connect surfer and owners of WUUX Surfboards together via Email, Facebook or Instagram . Does not matter where they are located. We connect them globally if they want. It already happens that they are visiting each other or make surftrips together and become good friends.

We have a family tree of all our boards and are excited to connect surfers of all of the world. We are more than a community – we are a family!

We are WUUX!