In 2019 we invented the WUUX Fins. Made out of upcycled materials from the surfboard production, their construction enables the fins to float in case of loss. This is good for the surfer and nature as well, of course! We offer the following models:

Fin Models 2020

Our fins are made for all standard fin boxes. Due to glass or carbon construction, the performance is good and the flex medium to stiff. Our focus in the development process is to create wood fin with the performance of a regular standard fin. The final wood layer creates a desirable fin and a little design piece. Like our Surfboards, WUUX Fins are hand-crafted in our workshop. We are also very proud to launch our own keyless single fin fixing system - Wuux Big Tusk.

To take account of environmental considerations, WUUX Fins come without packaging. No packaging is even better than environmentally friendly packaging! 

Needless to say: All our fins are made here in Grödig / Salzburg / Austria with our hands and a lot of passion.

Since our fins are still very new in the market, we encourage your feedback and comments. Feel free to contact us!

This project was financially supported for prototyping by the “Austria Wirtschaftsservice – aws”.


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