Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are WUUX Surfboards made?
WUUX Surfboards are 100% handcrafted in our workshop, here in Salzburg, Austria. We make the multilayer foam core ourselves and create unique designs with a full wooden jacket. Nose and tail is additionally reinforced. We use the exact amount of epoxy resin in the process - saving waste.

2. What blanks do you use for your surfboards?
We only use man-made planks and build them ourselves. We have the technical capabilities and the necessary knowledge to do so. This enables us to meet our high quality standards, reduces the weight of the boards and ensures our high environmental demands - like waste separation and recycling.

3. Are WUUX Surfboards heavy?
Due to the foam core, WUUX Surfboards are very light compared to other wooden surfboards and approximately as light as a PU Surfboard. For example: 9’4“ WUUX Wahoo (Longboard) is about 6.2 - 6.5 kg.

4. Who produces your surfboards?
WUUX Surfboards are made completely in our workshop, located in Grödig/ Austria. So the answer is: Wilhelm himself (if he is too busy Andy or Inka help him).

5. Which surfboard model do you recommend?

The surfboard model depends on many things: Where do you want to surf? How tall are you? What is your weight? Are you a beginner/intermediate/advanced surfer? Do you have any preferences regarding the style? So please contact us for personal advice!

6. How long does a custom surfboard take?
It takes us about 6-8 weeks to build a custom surfboard from scratch. If it comes with lots of customisation, it might take a bit longer. Our experience shows boards without stress turn out much better and are sometimes even faster – so please give us a bit of time. On request, we can send you pictures of the production cycle of your surfboard.

7. How much is a custom surfboard?
Boards start at € 950. The final price depends on the model, wood, design, etc. Feel free to contact us to calculate pricing details.

8. Can I choose the design? 
Yes, you can! You can choose from over 30 different kinds of wood and get inspired via our Instagram Feed. Furthermore you can video call or simply visit the workshop to choose your wood.

9. What is so special about your fins?
First of all: WUUX fins are brand new! They are made of upcycled materials from the surfboard production to reduce waste and give the high quality materials another purpose. If you lose a fin, it is easy to collect it again because they swim – this is an advantage for surfers and nature! The WUUX fin base is made of carbon and gives the fin stiffness and extra pop. The wood look and feel makes the WUUX fins not only sports goods that are admired, but also little, unique design pieces!

10. Can you ship a surfboard/fins to me?
Sure, we have Worldwide shipping through our logistic partners. So no matter where you are, it is possible to get yourself a WUUX Surfboard or Fins. Shipping usually starts at € 80 for boards under 7 feet to European destinations. WUUX can quote for larger boards or to ship internationally. Please contact us with your address and board height to get a free quote. We always get the best price for you.

11. What are your shop hours?
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm  
Please note: Individual opening hours can normally be accommodated upon request!

12. Can I fix a WUUX Surfboard myself?
Yes, just use a good quality epoxy resin, sand the surfboard and put the resin on the dings. If the ding is bigger, use some fibre glass as well. It is important that your surfboard is completely dry when you are repairing it.

13. Do I need to take special care of a WUUX Surfboard for travelling?
No, not really. Just use a suitable travel surfboard bag to house your WUUX surfboard. The good thing is, WUUX Surfboards are built solidly for rugged conditions - much less to worry about than other surfboards.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

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