We care - you care!


As passionate surfers we enjoy spending time in nature and feel obliged to protect what we love! Therefore, we care about our environment and try to create products that are as sustainable as possible.

  • We buy all our materials from local partners - reducing long transportation times to our workshop. 
  • We produce the core ourselves in the workshop. The left-over materials are used by a partner company as insulating materials. 
  • We use the exact calculated amount of epoxy resin - no resin on the floor, no waste.
  • We use high quality materials and a sophisticated construction to get long-lasting surfboards with less maintenance. 
  • We produce locally.
  • We live upcycling: no matter if it is the fins, which consist of upcycled materials from the surfboard production or the put-up hinge, we try to give every piece of unused material another purpose.
  • We undertake consistent waste separation.
  • We use as little packaging as possible – no packaging if you buy at our shop.
  • We try to improve our processes constantly to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. For example we work together closely with our resin supplier to only use organic resin in production soon. 

All these steps are important to give our products a better ecological balance!



How YOU have to care about your WUUX Surfboard to ensure it’s long lasting:

  • Rinse with fresh water after surfing in salty or chloride water!
  • Avoid heat!
  • Fix small dings with good quality epoxy resin!
  • Don’t store your surfboard in the hot car!
  • Use a boardbag
  • If you live close: come and visit us to get a board service from time to time!

Enjoy surfing your WUUX Surfboard & Fins for many years!



A surfboard needs to be protected against scratches, sun and heat. Therefore a WUUX board bag is not just very useful, it's also nice looking, good quality and fair produced. Our bags are made in a community project we started with a local surfer, who makes each of them by hand, here in Salzburg/Austria. Another surfer is producing the nice patches (vegan leather) for us and we are designing them. We are super happy to finally have these board bags. Every bag is unique, one of a kind and hand made with lots of passion! 

Bag & String: 100% Cotton
Patch: Vegan Leather

Lenght: 4'6 - 5'4" 
Wide: < 19,5"

Characteristics: unique, durable, robust, breathable, handmade 

Have a look! 

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