WUUX Surfboards are hand crafted from the foam core, through to the full wood jacket, in our workshop in Grödig/Austria. Our customers are part of the uniqueness at WUUX and so we try to realise all their requests. 

The possibilities are almost unlimited: no matter if we build a 5’0” WUUX Fingerling, which is particularly suitable for river surfing, or a 9’8” WUUX Napoleon for great nose rides in an ocean. WUUX surfboards are made to have fun and be admired for many years.

Surfboard Models 2021

As you probably have noticed, all our surfboard models have fish names. Models, that are recommended for oceans, are named after salt water fish. Surfboards, suitable for riversurfing, got their names from local, fresh water fish - appropriate their shapes.

We use high quality and special selected materials to hand-craft each surfboard. This leads to unique boards, which not only attracts, but also provides, outstanding performance. Our production process is the limit of feasibility.  

The multilayer foam core enables a super light and rugged construction. Dings can be fixed easily without getting the core soaked with water. Moreover, nose and tail are especially reinforced. Combined with the final wood layer, WUUX Surfboards are long lasting sport goods, which attract attention for their look, feel and performance.

However, nothing is perfect. Sometimes our surfboards show some imperfections due to using natural wood. Each wood is different in its characteristics, which affects the production more or less positively. We do not try to hide the imperfections, because the performance of the boards is not affected. Little imperfections just make it a bit more unique!

Enjoy the beauty of imperfection & nature!

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