Our WUUX Surfboards and Fins are 100% distinctive and unique due to the wood layer. Nevertheless, some boards are even closer to each other. They are made out of the same tree – and thus genetically related. We call them “Sisterboards” Sometimes you can see it clearly, sometimes you have to look twice to notice. 

However, there are never more than 2-5 Sisterboards with a similar design. Smaller pieces of the same wood can be found in more boards though.

Let’s get connected!

The special thing about the Sisterboard - Concept is the connection. Not only between the boards. We offer to connect surfers with Sisterboards all over the World via Email, Facebook or Instagram. (Only if both are willing to connect, of course!) This leads to new friendships and a connected WUUX community. 

We are more than a surf brand … We are a community and a Worldwide family. We are WUUX!

Surfboard sharing!

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