About WUUX

It all started with a little river wave and a gifted tinkerer... Wilhelm Margreiter is a creative mind with a passion for boardsports. Many people around Salzburg, Austria knew of this passion and started asking him for river surfboards which met their demands back in 2012.

Wilhelm Margreiter - Shaper & Owner

Willi, who studied architecture, invented the brand WUUX. Strongly influenced by the surfing community, he developed durable, rugged and super light surfboards with a distinctive look and touch of wood. 



WUUX made in Salzburg

WUUX’s workshop is located in Salzburg, Austria - in the heart of the Alps, far away from the ocean, but right in between fresh and clean water of alpine rivers. It was originally founded in the 1950s by Wilhelm`s grandfather and passed on to Wilhelm’s dad. 

At that time they built skis, sledges and furniture, which is much more common than shaping surfboards in Austria – but the spirit and enthusiasm of building sport equipment was already there. Nevertheless, WUUX Surfboards - and recently WUUX Fins - are shipped all over the World to people who share the passion of mindfully made surf goods!


 As a team and a brand, quality, uniqueness and sustainability are key values we stand for. All our products are handmade in our workshop in Grödig, Austria. Every step, from the construction of the core to the final sanding is done on-site. Also, unlike conventional glassing, the exact amount of resin is calculated for every WUUX surfboard - saving more waste. Due to the unique construction, the WUUX surfboards are easy to repair and provide fun for many years. The residual material from surfboard production gets upcycled to WUUX Fins. 

In 2019 WUUX invented a special technique for floating fins to reduce our waste and give the left-over materials a renewed purpose. This project was given financial support for prototyping by the “Austrian Wirtschaftsservice – AWS”.

We sincerely hope that, thanks to you, WUUX keeps growing and evolving positively. 

 Welcome to this wonderful adventure!

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